Lost Childhoods - The Survival for Water

In Gaza, over 94% of water in Gaza is unfit to drink. Watch the heartbreaking story of Eyad, 10, who can no longer go to school simply because he drank a glass of water.

Struggle for
everyday life

In Gaza, everyday survival can be a challenge. The ongoing crisis has impacted every aspect of life for Palestinians, from the inability to access clean water and adequate healthcare to the daily struggle to earn a living or give children hope for a better future. More recently, lengthy power cuts have made it almost impossible for the population of Gaza to function, leaving schools, hospitals and homes plunged into darkness without electricity or power.

What we are doing

Human Appeal is continuing to support Palestinians who have experienced a lifetime of suffering.
Our key projects in Gaza include:

  • Providing emergency food parcels to 7,400 families in Gaza. One family food parcel costs £65
  • Supplying hospitals with medicine and equipment to help treat thousands of patients. A donation of £100 will go a long way
  • Sponsoring families displaced by conflict with basic living costs. One family can be supported for a whole month for £200
  • Sponsoring fisherman who are struggling to feed their families after the 2014 conflict. £500 will provide a fisherman with a boat and fishing equipment
  • Providing safe lighting for families forced to rely on unsafe lighting options. Just £50 can provide safe lighting for a family
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What can you do

Your support for Palestinians has always been generous and together we remain committed to helping as many people as we can.

Ongoing conflict means we are constantly working to rebuild lives in Gaza. Your support is critical to them.

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Starving families Starving families

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With your support we can help those in Palestine, Pakistan, Syria, Bangladesh, Senegal or one of the other 25 countries we work in.

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