Little Human Appeal

No child should have to grow up without their parents but millions of little ones are still in desperate need.

In developing countries, particularly, life for a fatherless orphan can be very difficult indeed. Widowed mothers are put under immense pressure, typically having to leave her children unsupervised for hours, days and sometimes even weeks to earn money.

Children are denied a normal, happy childhood, typically dropping out of school and little ones as young as five may have to work to earn a crust. All too often they face exploitation, abuse, malnutrition and disease. Life for these little ones is anything but bright. However, with your support, we can turn this around.

About Little Human Appeal

At Little Human Appeal, we take care of thousands of orphans around the world and our goal is to bring thousands more under our wing.

We believe every child deserves a healthy, happy childhood and we’re committed to safeguarding the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. By ensuring each and every child is safe, secure and healthy, we aim to ease the harsh reality of being orphaned.

We currently sponsor thousands of orphans inBangladesh, Eritrea, Lebanon, Macedonia, Pakistan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Tunisia, and our goal is bring thousands more under our wing. But we can do nothing without your support.

Sponsor an Orphan Today

Sponsor a little one

If every one of us were to sponsor just one orphan, the positive impact we could have on children in the world without one or both parents would be amazing. At Little Human Appeal, we do one-to-one sponsorships. That means you’ll receive information about your little one and become part of the Little Human Appeal family, where you can watch your child flourish year after year.

With 200 million orphans, globally, we have many more lives to save. Just 83p a day or £25 a month helps towards:

  • Food
  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Clothing

Our Orphans

Our orphans are the innocent victims of war, natural disaster and poverty, so it's vital we continue to support them. Scroll through to meet a few of our orphans, and hear the stories of Noordin and Ahsan

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