No Water in Sight

Everyday, women and children must walk for many miles just to fetch clean water in Niger. Watch Amina's humbling story, '3.72 miles', one amongst many this Ramadan of those in desperate need

A matter of life and death

Water is the most basic necessity of life but an estimated 700 million people do not have access to safe, clean water. That’s one in ten people who have no choice but to drink and use contaminated water. This puts them at risk of diseases like dysentery, diarrhoea and cholera, which can be fatal. Every 90 seconds a child dies from a water related disease, making it the biggest cause of disease and death in the world. On average, women in Africa and Asia walk for 3 hours every day to fetch water, often in blistering heat.

What we are doing

Human Appeal is working with partners around the world to turn around this desperate situation. Our key projects include:

  • Digging deep water wells in Satkhira, Bangladesh, where natural disasters destroy and contaminate water facilities. Each deep water well costs £770 and serves 200 households and their livestock
  • Providing access to unpolluted water in Senegal, where there is a scarcity of clean water and a lack of hygienic water storage areas. This project costs £3,300
  • Making sea water fit to drink in Gaza, Palestine, where contaminated water is causing serious health problems. Human Appeal’s £1.75 million water desalination plant will serve 600,000 people including school children and hospital patients
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What can you do

No human being should have to go without access to safe, clean water. It can be a matter of life and death.

Support our safe water appeal to help communities around the world access clean water.

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With your support we can help those in Palestine, Pakistan, Syria, Bangladesh, Senegal or one of the other 25 countries we work in.

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