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Current Human Appeal Campaigns

The campaigns across the world that we’re supporting, from Syria to Somaliland, join with us and support people in need and save lives

Little Human Appeal

We’re supporting thousands of orphans worldwide

There are an estimated 200 million children, globally, without one or both parents. That’s millions of children hungry, lonely, frightened and desperately in need of protection and care. Orphans are the most disadvantaged members of society, typically out of school and prey to exploitation, child slave labour and trafficking.

Today, 5,760 children around the world will become orphans, so the time to sponsor a child in desperate need really is now!

Help Provide Orphans With

Food Food
Education Education
Medicine Medicine
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The Purple Pound Fund

The Purple Pound Fund is our way of making your money go further. Its not about how much you give.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "The deeds most loved by Allah are those done regularly, even if they are small."

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Syria is on the brink of disaster

If the situation in Syria wasn’t bad enough, the plight of the world’s greatest disaster has taken a worrying turn for the worse...

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Human Appeal Challenges

From rock climbing and marathon running to sky diving and trekking, you’ll love rising to these fantastic challenges in support of vulnerable communities around the world. Come on, we challenge you to sign up today! Human Appeal Challenges. Bring it on!


Zakat Q & A

Do I have to pay Zakat?
When should Zakat be paid?
Where should Zakat be distributed?

Find Out More Here

Pride of Pakistan Tour

Enjoy an evening with Pakistan's finest including the likes of Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammed Yousuf and Na'eem Raza as well as a delicious dinner with your friends and loved ones. You will have the opportunity to meet and greet our inspirational guests as well! This is sure to be an un-missable event so book ahead!


Our Values

Working together, we share one vision of a just, caring and sustainable world free of poverty

Working Worldwide

Human Appeal has a presence in
25 countries around the world

Project Feedback

Last year we directly supported over 4 million Syrians. View more information on our live saving projects by clicking the icon above.

25 Years of Saving Lives

Human Appeal is 25 years old!
Click here to view what 25 years
of saving lives means to us

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