Six years into the Syria conflict, hope is fading fast.

Following the recent deadly attack on an inter-agency aid convoy, the UN suspended all aid deliveries across Syria for 48 hours, completely cutting off life-saving supplies to an estimated 600,000 Syrians trapped inside besieged cities.

In Eastern Aleppo alone, besieged since July 7th, 275,000 people remain cut off from the world. Humanitarian aid being able to reach these families really is the difference between life and death.

What we are doing

Human Appeal has two field offices, as well as warehouses, strategically located inside Syria. Along with our partners, including WFP (World Food Programme) and UNOCHA, we’ve been able to provide desperate Syrian families with continuous aid, including:

  • 16,500 food parcels for IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in Northern Idlib, monthly
  • 1,000 tons of flour monthly, ensuring fresh, daily bread for 208,000 families in Idlib and Aleppo
  • Safe, clean water for 15,000 people in Western Aleppo, daily
  • Vital healthcare for women and children via our field hospitals
  • New temporary camp and NFIs (Non Food Items, such as hygiene kits) with 500 tents in Northern Idlib for new arrivals fleeing Aleppo
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What can you do

We cannot continue this vital life-saving work without your continued support. Without you, besieged Syrian families cannot survive. Please give them the gift of hope. Save precious lives today.

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Starving families Starving families Starving families

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With your support we can help those in Palestine, Pakistan, Syria, Bangladesh, Senegal or one of the other 25 countries we work in.

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